To all parents

Procreation is immoral. Arguments below.

For thoughtful parents

  1. Parents have no influence on what physical and psychical adaptation to life their child will be born with. I believe this is a roulette game for someone else’s life.
  2. The worst adapted, especially those mentally weak, are much worse suited to life and have to struggle much harder, especially if their social environment is primitive.
  3. I believe that I only have the right to decide for myself, and the decision to create a new human being is the decision made for him. Nobody has never asked to be born and life is not a gift for everyone. I personally perceive it as a challenge, that was imposed on me.
  4. I impose myself upon my newborn child’s life in all its aspects in the most important years of its life. My child doesn’t choose me, it can’t.
  5. What goes around, comes around. I struggle with myself and there is a serious risk, that my child would also be struggling.

For religious parents

Your right to reproduction is a natural law, not a divine one. Under the holiness of the right to have children by any man, there is a sex drive and the desire to prolong your own genetic line for a trivial cause – because you are all afraid of death and a child gives you a sense of continuity of life, to which you are attached by the hardest chain – your animal instinct.

P.S. As if anyone was asking, I would not condemn humanity for extinction after reconsidering. There is one reason and a sole reason, justifying the procreation roulette. It’s written in my definition of morality. My colleague made me realize, that my allegation of immorality was inaccurate due to its generally accepted definition, so I wrote my own. Both definitions with the redefinition necessity are explained in Morality redefinition post.


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